NEWSLETTER - Highton Senior Citizens Club
Highton Senior Citizens Club 84 Barrabool Road
Highton VIC 3216
Ph: 03 5244 2258




HIGHTON SENIORS Annual General Meeting

Thursday 18th July 2024 at 11.30am at Gateway Hotel Corio

Buffet Lunch will be available after the AGM

Club will pay for all financcial members who attend the AGM

All others pay $25 pp

Club has organised a bus to Gateway

Leave Centre at 10.45am Leave Gateway at 2.30pm

Sign-up sheet will be on the Office Window

Please let us know if you are coming to the AGM and if you want to reserve a seat on the bus


CLUB MEMBERSHIP Renewal is due July 1st. 2024-25

$15 Put money and Renweal form in envelope with name and hand to a committee member or place under the Office door.

Complete the Renewal Membership form with your up to date information including emergency contact number.

CLUB ACTIVITY REPORTS (contact the club for more information regarding the regular activities)

Line Dancing :

Monday, Tuesday, Friday mornings. Monday is a very popular day with many more participants compared to Tuesday and Friday. If you are interested in learning to Line Dance the club has Monday and Tuesday sessions. Contact the club for more information. Cost $5.00 per session

Tai Chi:

Classes are held on Monday and Thursday from 1.30-3.00pm both days.These classes are powering along and Lazslo and his beginner group are enjoying the challenges.

Carpet Bowls:

Sessions are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday from 1.15-3.15pm. Come along and join in the fun.


Friday 1.00pm -3.00pm. 1 book $2.00, 6 books $12.00. Raffle tickets $1.00 for 3, door prizes available. Many great items to choose from for the winners.

Table Tennis:

Thursday 9.30am -12.00 also first and third Saturday

Mah Jong:

The Mah Jong group meet each Tuesday and Wednesday. Approximately 15 members attend over the two days and have some fun and a most enjoyable time.


Every Wednesday about 6 people meet to enjoy the game "Hand and Foot" which involves 5 packs of cards and lots of adding up at the end of each game --good fun and good for the brain .


Now bowls is a game that we all like to play

For it means lots of fun for us all

And all over the world many thousands are keen

To tickle that little white ball

The game gets us in be it lose, draw or win

And from Springtime right through to the fall

In country and city we chase after kitty

That cute little white ball

Trail the kitty, trail to Kate

The skipper will often request

And as we stand there at our ease on the mat

We know we can do it it's as simple as that.

The club has 3 carpet bowls mats so come and join the fun .

HUMOUR (late St Patrick joke}

Paddy and Mick are on a cruise ship.

Paddy said to Mick, "It's very quiet on deck tonight"

Mick said, "Everyone will be watching the band"

Paddy said,"There is no band playing tonight"

Mick said, "I definitely heard someone say A BAND ON SHIP"

NEED HELP Anyone with experise regarding repair drip /sprinkler systems

Contact Julie 0417392886 email


Check out the ACTIVITIES PAGE of this website for days, times and any costs for activities at the Centre or pick up a copy of our Schedule of Activities from the foyer at the Centre.

Central Management

President: Margaret Tan Vice President: Jules Benallack

Secretary/Treasurer: Sandy Beath

Committee Activity Representatives

Carpet Bowls Beryl Kristinof Line Dancing Mila Hider

Bingo Sue Jorgensen Table Tennis Allan Holmes

Tai Chi Faye Ramsey Mahjong Toni Lennie

Chinese Choir Simon Liu Handyman Wayne Quamil

Provedore Life Member Vivien Hughes

OFFICE HOURS at the Club

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 12noon--3.30pm

COVID Rules at the Centre ( Geelong is still not free of Covid PLEASE take care)

Do not enter the Centre if you are feeling unwell. Remember to register.

Sanitise when entering and before tea/coffee - it is for the safety of every person using the centre. At the end of a session all participants are required to ensure ALL areas touched are cleaned.
Hospital grade disinfectant and paper provided for your use.
Cleaning register to be signed.

These requirements are designed to keep our community safe and open.


Happy Birthday to all our members born in May


The Highton Senior Club relies on volunteers for all their activities.

We are grateful that the following members have accepted responsibility for organising activities:

  • Bowls: Beryl - Tues & Sat; Vivien - Wed & Sat
  • Bingo: Vivien, Beryl, Elma, Sue
  • Line Dancing: Mila
  • Table Tennis: Vivian, Gabriel
  • Cards: Viv
  • We are grateful that the following members have accepted responsibility to help the Centre stay operational:
  • Website: Elaine, Sandy
  • Treasurer: Sandy
  • Tenants: Sandy
  • Secretary: Sandy
  • President:Margaret Tan
  • Newsletter: Sandy, Elaine, Heather
  • New Activities: Sandy
  • Opening of Club: Sandy
  • Kitchen: Vivien - Everything to do with the kitchen
  • General upkeep: COULD THIS BE YOU?
  • Garden: ,Julie
  • Events co-ordinator: COULD BE YOU?
  • Cleaning:


  • Please let us know if there is anything you think we could add to our activities, especially if you would be prepared to help lead the activity. We're always keen to expand our range of activities offered to members.


Remember, whatever you do to people, the air, animals, trees and the earth, will in turn be done to you.

If it is done in the name of money, just  remember, all the millions in the world cannot buy happiness, friends, love, family or one breath of fresh air.  

A Friend (We all need a friend)

How do you know a friend, pop?

The young boy asked his dad.

The old chap's big eyes moistened

And his tan face looked quite sad

A friend is like a gem son.

The real ones are rare

You will know it when you find one,

Cos they always will be there.

At times when life has turned you down

And you fail to understand,

Your friend will be there with you

To take you by the hand.

Famous Sayings

Keep your eyes peeled

Were you born in a tent?

You could have cut the air with a knife

Cost you an arm and a leg

Throw in the towel

Come in, spinner

Between you and me and the gate post

Don't beat around the bush

All hands on deck

Easy as pie

Slow Down Therapy

Remember a happy, peaceful time in your past .Rest there.

Each moment has a richness that takes a lifetime to savour.



You will find that when you look back on life, the moments that stand out are the moments when you have done things for others.

The purpose of life is not to be happy but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you have lived.