Line Dancing - Highton Senior Citizens Club
Highton Senior Citizens Club 84 Barrabool Road
Highton VIC 3216
Ph: 03 5244 2258


Hi everyone!! AUTUMN is here so time to think about Line Dancing.


Everyone is most welcome to attend. Before you know it, you will be all laughing and having a great time! There will be no morning tea break, so bring your own water. The hall will be cool with fans and air conditioning and in the cooler months, heaters will be put on to take the chill off the hall.

* PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND IF YOU ARE FEELING THE LEAST BIT UNWELL.  We are practising COVID SAFE Rules with temperature checks, hand sanitising and our names and phone numbers. If possible, try to have the correct money ($5)

BEGINNERS CLASSES START THE FIRST MONDAY AND TUESDAY OF EACH TERM WHEN SCHOOLS GO BACK at 9 am. Next Class starts MONDAY 19th APRIL.    If you are interested contact the club for more information. It is a great way to meet others and get healthy so come along and give it a go!!  It is fun and you will make some new friends.


"I have a great time-exercise good.

I have a great time since I started and a very good teacher we have.

I love line dancing and socializing with all the lovely friends and have a cuppa.

I love the exercise to music, and it is good for the brain as well.

Love the friendship. Good for the brain and the body. It's nice to be with other people , a fun day out.

Enjoy the company!"


Don't imagine you will never make a dancer, because by nature you are clumsy.

Don't say you are too tired to dance.

Don't say you can't afford to dance although you love it .

Don't say your dancing days are over.

Don't think you need a dance partner.

Don't be too shy to dance.

Don't stay away from a dance if you are feeling glum. Dancing will cure any ordinary fit of the blues.


You are most welcome!!!

HALL FLOOR has been resurfaced , now no shoes sticking to the floor !

NEW AUDIO and SPEAKER has been installed


A group of happy line dancers who performed at the club concert.


1 Looked after injured wildlife at Ballyang Sanctuary for 7 years, injured swansx22, birdsx14, koala, countless ducks, all taken to the Vet, rehabilitated and returned -very rewarding.

2 Came from Singapore 28 years ago. Started dancing in 1996 at Highton with a nice teacher and dancers.

3 Hailed from Orbost, Donald and now in Geelong. Have been line dancing for 21 years.Worked for Campbells Soups and Target.

4 Studied nursing in England and nursed for 40 years. Continue Ballroom dancing and line dancing.

5 Came from Holland 62 years ago, better in Australia as it is the Lucky Country.

6 Nude modelling for life drawing art classes for the last 8 years.

7 Travelled a lot. Cleaned 2 houses a day.

8 Looked after foster kids.

9 Worked 37 years with PMG, telephonist, supervisor, custom service advisor and retail shop. Enjoy photography, making photo books on the computer, looking after grandchildren as well as gardening.

10 Came from the Wimmera, noticed that since all the rain and the Wimmera River flooded, there was now water running into lake Hindmarsh for the first time in many years. The lake is just north of Japarit and a great place to visit.


New and experienced dancers are always welcome to attend. You will definitely be welcomed by our strong, happy group.


Highton Senior Citizens Club


Would like to hear some stories from any of our line dancers.


Beginner dances

9am-10am Monday & Tuesday

Easy dances

10.15am-12noon Monday & Tuesday

10.00am-12noon Friday


  • Teacher: Margaret Young 0407 419 499
  • Peta Connell      0425 875 291